Governmet Services and Public Sector

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Meayar offers its distinguished mystery shopping services for government Services and Public Sectors such as Municipal, ministries, post office, customs department… etc; Meayar team will assist you with creating a customized program optimized to give you the information you need in order to avoid any Poor levels of customer service which will damage customer satisfaction and spread negative perceptions about Government Services and Public Sectors in general.

Government Services and Public Sectors Mystery shopping explores the actual customer experience at a moment in time. It provides a unique way of measuring performance against set standards and identifies strengths and weaknesses and highlighting areas requiring improvement.

Mystery Shopping can be conducted within the Government Services and Public Sectors e in a number of ways such as in person, by telephone, by letter… etc. Many Government Services and Public Sectors use mystery shopping to measure and monitor the impact to their uses of the organizational changes they make.

Meayar well trained shoppers will collect factual information based on the behaviors they observe. Meayar team will provide you with the results and the analysis that will guide you toward creating meaningful action plans for your teams.

Mystery Shopping within Government Services and Public Sectors provides a powerful tool for service managers by highlighting areas requiring improvement in performance thus while conducting the mystery shopping program Meayar team takes in consideration that the study will improve the quality in the following main areas;

Measure Operational Standards