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Meayar recently deployed new PDA,s with 3G technology to collect information from the market and instantly send Data to HQ in Amman, this move was made to minimize the use of paper for saving the environment, and enable the analysts to work on the received data from remote areas instantly without any delays.

As Meayar demand on on-line technology is increasing, and the hits on the servers are increasing on daily basis.  All Meayar on-line application will move to a new dedicated server in the US with a monthly traffic on 1.5 TB and 4X CPU core.

As Meayar is always following the latest technology and is a big supporter for on-line application, starting October 1st 2010, Meayar started using one of the best On-line Management Systems developed by Active Collab and deployed by sister company Codename//pro.

By the new Project Management and collaboration System Meayar and customers can:

Keep Projects on Track

Provides platform for planning, progress tracking and communication. Define what’s important, assign tasks and communicate with it's team and clients until projects are done.

Email Notifications

Sends an email when something important happens. Simply reply to these notifications to post comments, or send new email messages to create tasks and start discussions.


Work with our associates and clients, assign tasks, share files, get notified when something happens, discuss and comment. Everything is saved in the system and available for future reference, which minimizes e-mail messages and put all discussions in one place

Save Time

The System has a number of tools that save us time. Easily reschedule milestones and tasks, quickly add new tasks and discussions and more.

Job Opportunities

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