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Competitive Mystery Shopping

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Mystery shopping has traditionally been utilized as a means of measuring and improving customer service levels and employee performance. A less well-known use of mystery shopping is for competitive intelligence. At its most basic level, it can be used to measure the competitor's service levels alongside the company's performance. Taking this approach a step further, this method of analysis can provide companies with even greater information than previously thought. It gives you an indication of your brand loyalty, opens new windows opportunities for you, gives you indications of your differentiated competitive advantage strength compared to your competitors…etc. competitive intelligent can benefit your company in many aspects such as:

  1. You receive a totally objective viewpoint that compares your performance against your competition – a true perspective of your competitive position in the marketplace.
  2. You quickly learn where you need to make improvements, and where you’re already blowing away the competition.
  3. You gain valuable competitive intelligence, which will reveal competitive trends and help you make key decisions in the future.

Meayar team works with you to identify your direct competitors, and then shop them with the same criteria we use for your services or products so that you can compare your Customer Experience with theirs. With the completely objective data Meayar team obtains, you will figure out a where you stand. You’ll see where you shine, and where the most critical opportunities for improvement are.

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