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Meayar Business Coaching:

Manage your business, instead of your business managing you

Why do we need Meayar Business coaching?

Anyone who watches sports knows that a group of great players is nothing without a great coach.  Even superstars like Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods have paid trainers and coaches who guide and direct them to excel and achieve to their utmost.  No one would claim that having a coach implies that you are any less of an athlete.
Despite this clear analogy from the sports world, many business owners bristle against the idea of hiring a business coach or consultant.  “I don’t need a consultant!  I know how to run my business! Everyone’s a ‘consultant’ these days!  They don’t know my clients!  They don’t know my field!  It’s too expensive, and it doesn’t pay!”  Hiring a business coach does not mean that you are incapable, or don’t know how to run a business; in fact, some of the smartest people in the world have business coaches!  Having a skilled advisor on your side really can pay, and it has many advantages.
Most contractors are so busy working in their business that they have little or no time to work on their business.  They need to be so focused on the day-to-day operations that it becomes impossible to analyze the big picture of trends, market and competition.  The multiple crises that you deal with each day distract you from the bigger changes you may need to make to excel.

Sometimes you get a chance to look at the trends and make a new plan, but then you are too busy to put the plan into practice effectively.  A good business coach can help with all of these issues.

A coach watches the game from a fresh perspective and can point out things you might not be able to see when you’re on the court.  He works with you to develop creative strategies and plans, not just for success in a single game or season, but throughout a career.  Your coach is your biggest fan, pushing you to succeed and holding you accountable to achieve your goals. A good coach will encourage you in your strengths and help you minimize or cover your weaknesses.

Your clients hire you because they know that you can do a better job.  You are an expert, and you will achieve superior results for more lasting value than they could if they tried it themselves.  Sure, you can brush your own teeth, but you pay a dentist to drill cavities.  Yes, you can drive and pump gas, but you pay a mechanic to rebuild your transmission.  Isn’t it wise to apply these same ideas to your own business?

Hiring a coach is not added spending, it’s an Investment, Because Meayar advisor will help you achieve results that will more than justify the expense.  If you are working too many hours with too little result; if your plans for improvement never come to anything; if you are a procrastinator when it comes to marketing and business strategy; or if you don’t have the time you need to rethink and refocus, then you need a business coach.
Whom to hire?  Whom to fire?  How to market and whom to market to?  How much to invest in this?  How to minimize expense on that?  How to get more accomplished with less time and headache?  Meayar coach will listen to your situation and concerns and help you to create and carry out a plan, so that you can manage your business, instead of your business managing you!

The practice of providing support and advice to an individual or group in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business. It can be provided in a number of ways, including one-on-one tuition, group coaching sessions and large scale seminars. Business coaches are often called in when a business is perceived to be performing badly, however many businesses recognize the benefits of business coaching even when the organization is successful.
Meayar Business coaching is not the same as mentoring. Mentoring involves a developmental relationship between a more experienced "mentor" and a less experienced partner, and typically involves sharing of advice. A business coach can act as a mentor given that he or she has adequate expertise and experience. A good business coach need not have specific business expertise and experience in the same field as the person receiving the coaching, in order to provide good business coaching.

Meayar Business Coaching Process:

In all kinds of business coaching there is a process of inquiry, analysis, contemplation & resolution with the intention of furthering the development of both the individuals and the business itself. It is aimed not just at improving the performance of the team and of the business, but also at giving individuals the tools they need to successfully progress in their own career.
Often the coach will ask a series of questions, inviting the clients to analyze the situation and propose a course of action which will help the group as a whole to reach their shared and individual goals within the organization. The client can accept the outcome, reject it, or negotiate a compromise.
Meayar business coach will often take a multifaceted approach to helping a business improve. In some cases, a top-down approach is needed; such as when a CEO with control issues is hindering the success of the company. In other cases, a Business Coach will work from the bottom-up, working with each associate to better their own potential.