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Codename//pro is a dedicated "PHP Development / Consulting Company" with innovative approaches and advanced methodologies, providing scalable business solutions to help companies achieve success through revenue increase, cost management and user satisfaction.

Codename//pro provide conceptual, functional and presentational development for all businesses and communities through out-of-the-box web strategy, design and technology solutions.
Codename//pro work with decision makers, developers, and designers at all stages of a web project. Codename//pro got lofty ideas, pragmatic advice, and experience with best practices to solidify your project and let you stop worrying.

A2Z consultancy is a consulting firm that provides clients with results-oriented solutions to their business needs and challenges.Our ultimate goal is to make a tangible difference in your organization's growth, profitability, and sustainability.
We make your business our business! This is why we offer to execute the plans we develop, and thereby hold ourselves accountable for what we plan and recommend.
Our client relationships, define who we are. They are shaped by a deep understanding of our clients' needs, a collaborative working style and a firm-wide commitment to service excellence.
Our consultants bring fresh thinking to client issues, along with the experience and research to know what really works. They deliver practical, evidence-based solutions that are tailored to your organization's culture and goals.
Our global services include but not limited to:

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