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Training Method & Style

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Meayar diversifies its methods and styles according to need. Using games, lectuers, brainstorming, and different hands-on activities.  

Definition of Games:

Meayar are responsible for managing the content, process, and environment of a learning situation.
Content refers to the facts, Data, Information, and Rules deemed important to ultimate application on the Job.
Process encompasses the approaches by which that content is delivered.
Environment is the physical and psychological surroundings for the training session (location, facilities, arrangement, food, etc.).

Meayar’s focus on games as a part of the process element of a learning experience. A game may be an exercise, illustration, activity, or incident used to present or support the trainee’s learning.
The uniqueness of the game itself will often be sufficient to draw additional attention to the point made, and thereby reinforce it.
Learning takes place at three levels cognitive, affective, or psychomotor. Our professional trainers and educators deliver interactive methods that use all senses and types of learning visuals and Auditory tactile.

The acquisition of knowledge, attitudes, or skills can be expedited through the selective utilization of an appropriate game.


Games of Experiential Exercises:

Meayar games uses experiential exercises, such as simulations, board games, computer exercises, role players, and in-basket exercises. Although it is difficult to generalize, simulations usually attempt to create some significant aspect of a complex organization, and provide an opportunity for realistic implementation of a solution, a range of interrelated factors are often present at both micro and macro levels. and there is often a longitudinal time dimension built into the process  as such, experiential exercises and simulations often require a greater time commitment and are more complex in their set-up, operation, and interpretation, Meayar confuses the games of experiential learning according to the client needs.

 Meayar can customize its methods and styles according to your needs.
 Our styles are a combination of the following:

Indoor training:

Can be arranged according to customer needs either in their premises or any other venue we agree upon with our clientele ranging from five stars hotels to resorts.

Outdoor training:

Our outdoor Training is a form of experiential  and environmental learning process. It is an organized learning experience, that draws upon the philosophy and theory of journey-based experiences in which participants experience in a variety of adventurous challenges in the form of outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, and group games.

Our outdoor Training includes exiting trips to known land marks in Jordan.

 We can customize the training according to your needs either inside or outside Jordan.

The intensity of the training can also be moderated from mild to tough para military training. 

We can arrange:

• Camps
• Excursions (1 day – multiple days) according to clients’ requests.
• Road trips.
• Treasure hunts.

Our outdoor training is designed to be not only educational but also entertaining and challenging.

Who can benefit from our outdoor training?

• Businesses ranging from large corporate to medium to small businesses 
• NGO’s, cooperatives and charities.
• Institutes
• Universities
• Collages
• School population (all grades)
• Any other educational facilities

Combined (indoor and outdoor training) customized training upon requests or needs.

Indoor, outdoor and coaching

Indoor and motivational speaking

Outdoor and motivational speaking

Indoor, Outdoor and motivational speaking