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Hospiatls, Medical & Pharmacutical services

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A comprehensive definition of hospital quality assurance would be as follows. The maximum achievable result for every patient, the prevention of iatrogenic (physician-induced) complications and expert attention to the patient and the family in a manner that is cost effective and well documented.

Meayar team offers its services to hospitals monitoring the doctors, nurses, admission, financial department, food quality and any other services provided. In addition our team is capable of measuring the quality of pharmacies, labs, Clinique’s, and any medical services provider organization.

The hospital administration must understand that quality monitoring activities are an indispensable part of quality management goals. Therefore adequate personnel and financial support must be provided to ensure training of the medical staff in matters of quality guarantee. Ideally, quality monitoring activities must be seen as routine exercises to be performed with dedication and diligence and not as burdensome tasks that have to be carried out since it has been made compulsory.

Meayar offers you a feedback for a Full Mystery Patient Experience

This is the most comprehensive and valuable evaluation and involves a visit to your practice by one of our experienced shoppers, posing as a real patient. Using agreed scenarios, they will record the actions taken by your staff from reception through the entire consultation process. Our detailed report to you covers all the benchmark keys along with the areas of improvements needed and provides you with a comprehensive information source that will make you more profit, lead to more referrals, and improve patient and staff retention and relationships.

Meayar mystery patient program will enable you to;

Improving the Patient Experience Across Touch Points

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Reducing Patient Defections

Improving Sales Agent Relationship Building & Sales Skills

Providing supervisors with a coaching tool

Understand exactly what patient delight-driving behaviors look and sound like

Align organization-wide focus on improving the patients’ experiences, resulting in growth through patient loyalty and referrals.

Discover if patients are receiving consistently superior service at every location and at all times

identify gaps in training needs

Ensure compliance with legal requirements to maintain a positive brand image and avoid legal issues

And many more...

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