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Mystery shopping

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The mystery shopping industry serves to evaluate the customer service for any company that deals with customer satisfaction. By sending in anonymous mystery shoppers that complete forms based on their visits to client locations, Meayar team evaluates the service provided by their clients. From this information their clients can understand where they are meeting, or failing to meet, their customers’ needs. One of Meayar’s main objectives is to assist its clients putting all the pieces together to see the full picture clearly.

Meayar offers a full range of services related to Mystery Shopping Including;

  • Planning and consultation
  • Task list development
  • Shopper recruitment
  • Shopper training
  • Sending the qualified shoppers & conducting the visits
  • Analysis and reporting

Meayar mystery shopping experiences can be held through different channels that make sure it reach all possible contact that would affect the customer experience including;

  • Location visits ( Purchasing, maintenance, customer service…etc)
  • Telephone mystery shopping (call center, customer service… etc)
  • Email (customer service, order requests…etc)
  • Website (checking, using services…etc)

The Importance of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping—also known as secret shopping—is a marketing research tool in which undercover operatives are used to visit your place of business and evaluate the customer service experience. Often it is through customer service that your business can develop its greatest competitive advantage. The areas most critical to the customer service experience are those in which your employees directly interact with customers, whether in person or over the phone, but these are not easily evaluated—except by the customers themselves.

This is where mystery shopping comes in to play. Mystery shopping programs allow you to monitor customers' perceptions of service quality and take corrective action when service quality is not up to par.

Normally, mystery shoppers are trained and provided with a list of tasks and observations they must make regarding their customer service experience. This makes them much more useful as an evaluation tool than regular untrained customers, who typically cannot remember enough details to paint a complete picture of the customer experience.

Successful companies known for their customer service have one thing in common—they all include ongoing mystery shopping programs as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Based on Meayar vast experience in this field, we proved through the years our professional experience in servicing the following sectors;


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