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Telecommunication & Technology

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Telecommunication & Technology services and products providers perform mystery shopping visits or calls to their branches, dealers, maintenance, and customer service and call centers. Among the high competition this market is encountering the only differentiated service any telecom or technology provider can offer is a highly satisfactory customer service, and Conducting Mystery visits on A Regular Basis Keeps Employees on Their Toes. They also help managers to address customer service problems in a timely manner and gauge employees' performance over time.

Meayar allows Telecom & Technology providers to evaluate their performance and better understand the execution of operational details not easily understood through traditional surveys. Using trained mystery shoppers, Meayar evaluates branches across a variety of performance metrics including: Facilities (i.e., parking, waiting queue, branch cleanness and ambiance…etc) Customer Service and other in contact employees (i.e., wait time, appearance, personality, following the company SOPs, proper verification, troubleshooting skills, the accuracy of information provided …etc.) along to any other predefined customized inquiries.

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